AEW Collision Results: Winners, Live Grades, Reaction, Highlights From Feb. 10

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    Welcome to Bleacher Report’s live coverage of AEW Collision on February 10.

    As we get close to Revolution on March 3, AEW has begun ramping up its storylines that will lead to matches at the pay-per-view.

    Here is a look at the card that was advertised leading into the show:

    • Star Jr. and Esfinge vs. Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli
    • Orange Cassidy vs. Tomohiro Ishii
    • Toni Storm vs. Queen Aminata
    • Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kiera Hogan
    • Mark Briscoe vs. Brody King

    Let’s take a look at everything that happened on Saturday’s show.


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    Collision opened up with “Wild Thing” playing in the arena as Moxley and Castagnoli made their way through the crowd for the opening match against Star Jr. and Esfinge from CMLL.

    Mox and Star began the match with a basic headlock takeover that led to an exchange of holds and counters.

    The first several minutes of this bout were surprisingly methodical. The luchadors barely even tried to leave their feet during the first 10 minutes. They were much more focused on ground offense, which made this bout feel much more technical than the trios match BCC had with three other CMLL talents this week.

    This might not have been as exciting as the trios bout on Dynamite, but in some ways, it was better. Having four competitors instead of six allowed them to each stand out a bit more while also telling a more cohesive story.

    After a series of elbow strikes, Moxley was able to make Star tap out to get the win. The former AEW champion grabbed a mic and issued a warning to any team that wanted to step up to BCC, which led to FTR coming out. It took less than 10 seconds in the ring together before a fight broke out.

    Result: BCC defeated CMLL

    Grade: B+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Mox should wear one of the BCC shirts with cute animals on them just because it would be funny. 
    • Moxley is technically sound but does things in a way that looks more realistic and less rehearsed. It’s a tough balance to strike. 
    • Star Jr. really stood out in this match. He was smooth and hit every move with precision. 
    • Esfinge’s mask is outstanding. It’s very distinctive. 
    • The way Castagnoli caught Star and dropped him into a cutter from Mox was awesome. 

Daniel Garcia vs. Shane Taylor

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    Daddy Magic accompanied Daniel Garcia to the ring while Lee Moriarty came out with Shane Taylor for this late addition to the card.

    Red Death surprised Taylor a bit by controlling the pace with a few submissions early on, but one big punch from Taylor made him rethink his strategy.

    From that point, Garcia was back to being the underdog. Taylor used his size and power to dominate whenever he could, but Garcia refused to give up and kept trying to get back into the fight.

    The crowd was firmly in Garcia’s corner from start to finish. He avoided a few big moves and locked in a kneebar to pick up a submission victory. This was another in a long line of great performances from Garcia since the end of the Continental Classic.

    Taylor looked good, but he has lost too many matches recently. It’s time he and Moriarty started getting some Ws.

    Result: Daniel Garcia defeated Shane Taylor

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • The announcers did a good job laying out Garcia’s story in recent months in less than a minute. 
    • Garcia could barely get his arms around Taylor for a waistlock. It wasn’t his brightest move. 
    • Taylor is one of the most convincing strikers. He never looks like he pulls his punches. 
    • While the show was in picture-in-picture, Taylor hit a nice jumping leg drop. 

Brian Cage Squash Match, Mark Briscoe vs. Brody King

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    Brian Cage wanted to prove he could do the same thing Hook did, so he took on The Outrunners in a handicap match that was little more than a glorified squash.

    Result: Brian Cage defeated The Outrunners

    Grade: Incomplete

    Adam Copeland came out after a break for an in-ring interview with Schiavone. Shockingly, Garcia showed up still looking worn out from his match. He and Copeland ended up agreeing to have a match to see who gets to face Christian for the TNT title.

    The next match featured Brody King taking on Mark Briscoe. Julia Hart accompanied King to the ring.

    Briscoe is no slouch, but he was definitely the underdog here. King took control early and made the chicken farmer fight for every breath.

    Even though this was not a hardcore match, a steel chair and a table did come into play at different times. The crowd began to demand tables after Briscoe’s attempt to use one was stopped by the ref.

    This match had some good physicality, but it didn’t quite click in some ways. It felt like they were going just a bit too slow in some spots when they should have been ramping it up.

    King ended up shoving Briscoe off the top turnbuckle and he went through the table he had set up earlier. This allowed King to score the pin and the win.

    Result: Brody King defeated Mark Briscoe

    Grade: B-

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Prince Nana dancing with the Golden Knights mascot was great. 
    • Garcia and Copeland already have good chemistry as characters. Let’s hope it carries over to the ring. 
    • Stokely Hathaway had some funny lines during a backstage interview. 
    • Briscoe getting the crowd to boo the ref was hilarious

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Kiera Hogan

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    Before she faces Storm for the title, Purrazzo had a match with Hogan on Saturday’s show. Both women are babyfaces, but Purrazzo was clearly the favorite.

    Kiera was able to get in a bit of offense, but not much. This whole match was designed to make The Virtuosa look dangerous. Unfortunately, it sounded like the crowd wasn’t interested in this match. It was noticeably quiet, which was strange after it had been a lively environment all night.

    Purrazzo picked up the win with her Venus De Milo submission. As she celebrated, Toni Storm made her way out to steal the spotlight with her entrance.

    Result: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Kiera Hogan

    Grade: C

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Kiera is one of the most underused stars in AEW. She’s great in the ring and on the mic but it feels like she’s had nothing to do since Jade Cargill left. 
    • Purrazzo’s finisher looks genuinely painful. 

Toni Storm vs. Queen Aminata

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    Queen Aminata has been all over AEW TV lately and this week’s Collision was no exception Unfortunately, she hasn’t exactly had much luck in AEW.

    Much like Purrazzo’s match, this was booked to make Storm look good, but Aminata got in more offense than Hogan did in the previous bout.

    This one also got more time, but a few minutes of it took place during the break with picture-in-picture. There were some moments that looked a bit rough, but most of what we saw here was decent. It was definitely one of Aminata’s better performances in terms of how much offense she had.

    The women’s champion picked up a non-title win with a piledriver. Storm delivered

    Result: Toni Storm defeated Queen Aminata

    Grade: C+

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • The announcers trying to make Aminata sound good by listing off all her losses did not have the desired effect. 
    • Mariah May is great at putting on the perfect facial expression at the perfect time. 

Orange Cassidy vs. Tomohiro Ishii

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    The main event of this week’s show was an International Championship match between Cassidy and Ishii.

    The Stone Pitbull stood in the middle of the ring and easily overpowered OC during their initial lockup. Once OC realized he was outmatched, he started trying to play his usual mind games.

    The first half of this was all about Ishii looking like a dominant force, but the second half was devoted to building OC back up to make his eventual win feel earned.

    This was a good performance that highlighted the strengths of both men and thankfully, the crowd seemed to wake back up for it.

    Ishii kicked out of the Orange Punch and the Beach Break, but Cassidy was able to keep him down for the pin eventually. The Undisputed Kingdom attacked OC and took him out before Ishii and Trent Beretta could run down to make the save.

    Result: Orange Cassidy defeated Tomohiro Ishii

    Grade: B

    Notable Moments and Observations

    • Ishii had a backstage encounter with The Undisputed Kingdom but brushed it off. 
    • It almost looked like Ishii was in pain just walking to the ring. His knee was wrapped up so he may have been feeling it. 
    • Ishii hitting a tackle hard enough to knock Cassidy’s hands out of his pocket was funny. 
    • The delayed vertical suplex from the middle rope was a great spot by Ishii. OC had good balance to be able to stay upright for that long. 

The Final Word

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    This week’s Collision had a lot of great action, but no one match seemed to stand out above the rest in a significant way.

    The BCC vs. CMLL bout was probably the best from a technical standpoint, but Taylor vs. Garcia was fun in a completely different way.

    Getting another AEW show with two women’s matches gives hope that this trend will continue in 2024, especially with AEW’s women’s division being so stacked these days.

    Ishii is always entertaining when he pops up in AEW, Storm’s post-match promo was one of her best, and Copeland vs. Garcia being booked for next week was a welcome surprise.

    All in all, this was a solid episode of Collision that helped further a handful of storylines, so it was a productive Saturday.

    Grade: B

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