Nikolas Motta believes his UFC Vegas 75 fight against Manuel Torres will be a banger for as long as it lasts.

Motta was supposed to face Ignacio Bahamondes at UFC 287 in Miami in April, but he was forced out of the bout which was heartbreaking for him. But, luckily, he was able to return quickly and is set to fight on Saturday at UFC Vegas 75.

“I don’t think that is disappointing anymore to fight at the Apex,” Motta said on Just Scrap Radio on “When my coach told me to pull out of my fight, that was my dream to fight on a pay-per-view with a crowd, so many eyes would be on me with it being a pay-per-view. That was one of the biggest cards of the year, but my coach reminded me I will have the chance to fight on more pay-per-views and the UFC doesn’t care where you fight, but rather if you win or lose the fight.”

Once Nikolas Motta was able to take a fight, he was offered Manuel Torres at UFC Vegas 75. Although Torres is just 1-0 in the UFC, Motta says he was familiar with him, as he was looking at the lightweight roster and thought it would be a fun fight.

“I was a little bit familiar with him as I thought it could be a good matchup for me,” Motta said. “I already thought about the fight, then when the UFC offered me the fight, I was like ‘let’s go.’”

Once Motta began looking further into the fight, he realized he knew what the matchmakers were doing as both he and his opponent are first-round finishers. With that, Motta expects to get the early stoppage and hopefully earn a performance of the night bonus.

“When you look at both of our records, all his fights end in the first round, only one has gone to decision. He comes to kill, and my last fight was my seventh knockout in the first round. If I was a matchmaker, this fight would be a very good fight. The matchmakers know what they’re doing… To get a performance of the night bonus here is my dream,” Motta concluded.

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