The time has come for Dodson

On August 11, in his hometown of Albuquerque, John Dodson will battle JR Ridge for the championship. BKFC announced the news on Thursday, releasing a really fun comic book style poster in the process.

Dodson has never been the kind of guy who walks away from the challenge. Sure, he’s picked up some losses throughout his combat sports journey, but he’s never been finished – showcasing just how durable he is to face.

Even though he’s only two fights into bare-knuckle boxing, his run already proves that there’s a real market for former UFC fighters to make the jump. If that isn’t enough to make you believe, perhaps go and talk to Mike Perry.

Are you excited to see John Dodson compete for the BKFC flyweight title? Is there a chance we will ever see him back in the UFC? Let us know, BJPENN Nation!

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