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Forget the pies and the puddings: When the Cubs and Cardinals head to England for the London Series next week, there will be a full baseball food takeover, too. And the options won’t just be restricted to London Stadium, home of West Ham United and host for the Cubs and Cardinals next weekend

For those heading to the ballpark, you’ll be able to find two specialty “Boomtown” offerings that are roughly the size of a baseball bat. In addition to plenty of hot dog, fried chicken, and nacho options throughout the stadium, you’ll also be able to find the Boomtown hot dog which features a two-foot long hot dog, braised beef chili, nacho cheese, jalapenos, salsa, sour cream and spring onions.

Not your thing? You can opt for the Boomtown nachos, featuring many of the same toppings over tortilla chips and served — sure enough — in a two-foot long trough of a container.

There will also be a variety of dining options made just for these two teams.

Cardinals fans will have their choice of a St. Louis donut burger featuring a beef patty nestled between a split UK-style raspberry donut; the St. Louis Dog, which is an Italian sausage topped with relish, grilled onions, grilled peppers, secret sauce, ketchup and mustard; and a St. Louis BBQ-inspired mac and cheese with smoked brisket, BBQ glaze and smashed chili tortilla chips.

Pulling for the Cubs — or at least want that iconic Chicago hot dog? You’re in luck! You can grab Chicago dog featuring a Dino hot dog that is topped with a pickle wedge, tomatoes, onions, gherkin relish and beer mustard, served inside the traditional poppy seed bun. You can also get a Chicago-style beef sandwich. A local favorite in Chicago, this is top-round beef rubbed with Al’s secret seasoning and is roasted for 3 1/2 hours before being served.

Not headed to London Stadium though? No worries, there are still plenty of options throughout the city. Patty and Buns locations will be serving up a St. Louis-inspired brisket and burnt ends sandwich:

While Yard Sale Pizza has taken all those classic Chicago hot dog ingredients and used them to create a pizza. Even better, it comes in its own Cubs-inspired pizza box, too — hey, pizza boxes are their own kind of collectible!

Finally, you’ll want to head to London’s iconic Trafalgar Square, where there will be a weekend-long set of activities, watch parties and the dinger-filled augmented reality Home Run Derby X. While there, you can get specially made London Series beer brewed by Mondo Brewing Co., as well as a variety of dining options from local vendors and food trucks.

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