They might bicker or steal things from each other but they have always been each other’s biggest supporters. The iconic sister duo – Venus and Serena Williams have once again shown their love for each other. After an eventful month of their playful bickering, now the two are giving sister goals. Recently, Venus Williams made her comeback during the grass-court season, and her sister Serena Williams was seen cheering for her elder sister.

However, that is not it. Venus Williams retorted back by double the amount of love she has for her younger sister. Commenting on her classic beauty, Venus hailed Serena.

Serena Williams melts over flattering praise by Venus Williams


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The 42-year-old tennis star is still passionate about the sport and is continuing her stride on the court. Consequently, her younger sister is right by her side, cheering for her from the player’s box.

Unfortunately, Venus Williams lost in the first round of the Libema Open to the 17-year-old Celine Naef. Things looked good for Venus as she won the first set. However, she went down to the young player in the following two sets. Nonetheless, Serena Williams cheered and hyped her sister during the match.


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The official Instagram account of the Wimbledon Championships reminisced about the unwavering support that the two sisters have given each over the years. It shared two pictures of Serena sitting on the courtside cheering for Venus from 2000 and then 2023 and stated, “Over 20 decades of sisterly support on the grass.”

After seeing that, Venus made sure to add her thoughts to the picture. She stated, “Also Serena Williams never aged.” The younger sister was delighted to get such praise and hence reshared that on her Instagram story.

The iconic sister duo clinched 14 Grand Slam titles together in the doubles category. Though they might not be playing together on the court professionally, they are definitely giving some tennis advice to their fans. Even if it is a bit impulsive!


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Venus does damage control as Serena shares hilarious tennis advice

Venus Williams regularly conducts fan interactions through her brand’s Instagram page. So, once a fan wondered about how to go about perfecting the art of playing backhand. The elder sister gave the younger one a chance.

But Serena Williams took this opportunity to goof around and asked the fan to just hit as hard as they can. Venus immediately got to do damage control while Serena laughed in the background. Eventually, Venus ended up sharing her secret behind hitting a good backhand.


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Will we see the sisters supporting each other at Wimbledon?

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