The controversy surrounding the last World Surf League tournament, the Surf Ranch Pro, has finally died down. It’s finished not only because the WSL issued a statement on the matter but also because of what’s happening in El Salvador right now. One of the most anticipated surfing events, also part of the Championship Tour, takes place in the Central American nation, and it attracts world-famous surfers like Kelly Slater. Even at the age of 51, Slater is not giving up on winning the 2023 Men’s Championship Tour and is eager to add another title to his collection of 11 WSL titles.

The professional surfer has posted a standard photo of his El Salvador competition jersey. However, as the icon himself had released it, hordes of his supporters immediately flocked to the comments section to wish him luck in the upcoming competition.

The little things that matter


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Kelly Slater is well-known in the surfing community. He won his first World Surf League championship while he was in his twenties and his last when he was in his forties, solidifying his status as the sport’s all-time great. Despite being 51 years old, he continues to compete and has conquered many generations.

He is definitely an exception since most retired players his age spend their time lounging in lavish mansions. Kelly Slater’s 2023 season has gotten off to a rough start, but he’s still excited to surf because he enjoys a good fight on the waves.


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A simple Instagram photo with the words “Let’s go” as the caption was all it took to set Slater’s supporters on fire. The tweet features a photo of the surfing star in his El Salvador event jersey, suggesting he is raring to go for the 2023 season.

The overwhelming support from the surfing world

Slater’s pre-event posts of infectious excitement have set the surfing world on fire. Fans flocked to the comments section as soon as the post went up to show their support and wish the GOAT success.

It looks like this fan did a bit of research, as they say, You’re an 11X world champ. Born on Feb. 11 and your name starts with K the 11th letter in the alphabet. 11 it is.” WSL would surely be happy after reading this comment, as it read, “The ONLY reason I’ll watch the @wsl is for this dude @kellyslater”


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If even Slater hasn’t been performing well in the current season, the fans still know what he is capable of, as one comment read, “Never doubt this man.” A similar comment read, “Best ever surfing performer in our history!!!”


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There would be a lot of people at this event, and the performances would be the highlight. As the top surfers in the world prepare to compete in one of the largest events, followers of the sport are in for a treat.

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