Bobby Green has taken aim at his former opponent Jared Gordon.

Green and Gordon fought at UFC Vegas 71 back in April as both men were looking to get back into the win column. Unfortunately, in the first round, Green dropped Gordon with an accidental clash of heads and knocked him out with some ground and pound. Despite the finish, the fight was ultimately overturned to a No Contest.

Despite recently being KO’d, Gordon was booked to face Jim Miller not even two months later at last weekend’s UFC Vegas 75 event. However, on media day revealed he had suffered a concussion from the Green fight and the UFC removed him from the bout, which Dana White wasn’t pleased about.

“When you come in here on press day, and you announce that you had a concussion six weeks ago, and you healed yourself from the concussion, you’re done,” White said after UFC Vegas 74. “We’re not going to let you fight with a [concussion]; yeah, we pulled them because he should have told us that six weeks ago. You know what I mean?” White continued. “You should have shown at least the company and your opponent some respect, and at least did that six weeks ago. You’re not an f*****g doctor. You didn’t cure yourself from a concussion.”

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Dana White also wasn’t the only person to blast Jared Gordon as Bobby Green took aim at him for snitching on himself.

“What up G. What you did now? What you did now? I’m sorry brother, and I’m not hating at all. You have had the worst luck in f*****g history. But to top it off, you then went and snitched on yourself? Where they do that at G? You then went up on the fight, trust me a lot of s**t happens to us that we can’t say,” Green said in a clip released by InsideFighting. “If I’m gonna say it, I’m gonna say it after the fact. You can’t go out there and tell them before that you got hurt and you f****d up before the fight. We all f****d up, you can’t tell them the truth. What’s the matter with you G? Where they do that at? Why they snitch on themselves? Please tell me.”

As of right now, Jared Gordon has yet to respond to either Dana White’s or Bobby Green’s comments.

‘Flash’ is currently awaiting his next assignment and when he will return is uncertain. Green, meanwhile, is set to return at July’s UFC 291 event against Tony Ferguson.

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