Jimmy Weinert, Billy Grossi and Adolf Weil in action at the 1976 Sears Point Trans-Am. Love the corner marker!

Thanks Mark Kiel for another great racing shot immortalizing forever our heroes!


The 9th Annual Caselli MotoDoffo Event is on for Saturday, June 10th, from 4:00pm to 10:00pm at the grounds of Doffo Winery in beautiful Temecula, California. It will come alive with the sounds of live music, the laughter of families, and the warmth of community coming together for an incredible cause.


2023 Perry Mountain 24 Hour Challenge Stanton, Alabama

Story and photos Kenny King

Team NAP/XC Gear Elite persevered for the second year running, winning the Perry Mountain 24 hour challenge. The Team of Andrew Clark (Sherco 250), Jimmy Hawkins( Gas Gas 300)  Steve Nicholas III (KTM), Ensign Payne( Yamaha 250) , Trent Whisenant (Rieju) and Colby Yarbrough (Husky 250) completed 37 laps in a time of 24:00:21 to claim the victory. The XC gear Elite team got off to an early lead and held it for the entire race.  This year the guys at Perry Mountain changed things up with a longer 13.5 mile course. There were 109 teams and over 400 riders and the longer course kept it from getting too chewed up. As usual for June in Alabama, it was hot, in the low 90’s and lack of rain made dust a real problem.

Andrew Clark: “ We got off to an early lead and did 2 laps each. We really didn’t have any issue till night time. Jimmy had his throttle housing come loose on his second lap and he managed to make it the pits and we fixed it. A few light bar mounts came loose and other than that the race went pretty smooth.”

In the number 2 spot was Team Elite. Riders Shawn Clark, Korbin Dinkel, Scott Gawler Jr, Josh Duffey, Dylan Rash and Blake Yahraus finished 37 laps a bit over 21 minutes behind the number 1 team. These guys made the decision  to ride one bike, a 2023 Gas Gas MC 350. “ Doing this race on one bike was challenging, I had a big get off on the first lap. All the other teams could just switch riders and bikes, we had to fix the bike first. Fortunately we didn’t have any major issues, just stuff while in the pits. Really a  good day. At night we had to do some light swaps. These guys were switching whole light assemblies in like 15 seconds. The engineering that went into the lights before we got here really paid off. “ said Shawn Clark

Finishing third was Team Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton Elite. The team consisted of Brody Faulkner, Deke Faulkner, David Greer, Jonathan Green, Keith Holtzclaw and Ty Kelley. They rode 35 laps for a time of 24:04:20. “ Things went pretty good, we started out kind of slow, maybe 8th overall and stayed in 8th for the first 12 hours. During the night, we had 2 riders crash pretty good and they only did one lap each which slowed us down. Around 3 AM we started making up time and inched our way into the top 5. By daylight we had moved into 3rd  and held it until the finish.” Said Brody Faulkner. 

David Greer raced on the Team Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton Elite team, and they finished third overall.

The tight racing of the day was between Suzuki Yamaha of Dalton Elite and NAP/XCGear 30+. The 30 plus team  finished in fourth overall and first 30 plus with 35 laps, about 2 minutes behind the 3rd place team. The NAP/XCGear 30+ team consisted of  Sammy Dorris, Jacob Patterson, Jason Thomas, Dustin Simpson and Trevor Ezell. “Jason got us into a big lead off the start and we moved into second overall. We stayed 2nd and 3rd for most of the race but come night time we had light and a few mishaps. We tried to chase down third but they go us by a few minutes. It was a good race. “ Sammy Dorris.

Kyle Parson’s helped the team to a win in the expert class, and fifth overall.

Winning the expert class and finishing fifth overall  was team  with riders Tommy Hill, Joey Medina, Kyle Parson, Luke Parsons and JP Wilson. They finished 34 laps and they did it on one bike, a Gas Gas 350. “ We had a bit of adversity during the race, and the guys had to put in some tough laps. Riding one bike created some issues. We had a few light issues, but nothing big. Our entire team worked hard and we couldn’t have had a better group of guys.” Said Joey Medina. It’s worth noting that NAP/XC gear and had 2 teams each in the top 5.

Caroline Kent of Team the Tortoise and the Hare Scramble won the Ironwoman with 12 laps. And Team Speed off-road consisting of Caleb Foster and Mathew Keener won the duo class with 25 laps completed.

In the Ironman class, Matt Brasher on a 501 Husky followed up his win last year with another victory. He finished 23 laps to take top ironman. “The race went pretty good. I started out trying not to push too hard and moved out front trying to avoid the dust. The longer course made me change things up a bit. I did 4 sets of 4 laps, then dropped it down to 2 sets of 3 then one lap” said Brasher.
Team NAP/XC Gear Elite successfully defended their number one plate at this years running of the Perry Mountain 24 hour challenge.


VIDEO JUKEBOX: Tough like RORR videos

There’s some incredible Go Pro footage from Jonny carving hard!


Thinking of brother Mike who’s recovering from a nasty crash. This is from 2019 and he’s piloting my KTM 300 XC-W. This was the first injected 300 and in my eyes, a game changer! Mike ended up buying this wagon from me, his first 2-stroke ride in over a decade.


Sidi June special from Motonation!

Need More Room?

Fastway rolls out a complete line-up of risers for the ’23+ KTM (SX/XC) Model family, to include Husqvarna.   If you’re a Taller rider or simply like a taller bar-height, take a peek at these Risers machined in-house from 6061 Billet Aluminum. Each also features OE and 3.5″ Offset for a Forward setting as well.

  • Handlebar Mount ~ OE Height
  • Riser 1.5 ~1/2″ Taller
  • Riser 2.0 ~1″ Taller
  • Riser 2.5 ~1.5″ Taller


This is 1989, testing the KTM 350 in Michigan’s UP. DB (Dick Burleson) and I spent a week riding, and then headed off to Illinois to race in the National Enduro. It did not go well for me as a big crash during a blizzard had me busted up nicely and needing some hardware for my left leg.

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