26-year-old wins Opel design competition. His virtual creation will become a reality

You’ll likely be aware by now that Opel sells its own, rebadged version of the Citroen Ami quadricycle called the Rocks-e.

Now, because the Rocks-e (and the Ami) can be driven by 15-year-olds in Europe, Opel decided that it needed to get some young people interested in the thing. To do that, it opened up a competition for youthful design students called the ‘Rocks-e Design Hack’.

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The premise was simple – come up with a “cool or even crazy Rocks-e design” and the winner would have theirs made into a reality with a one-off build.

So, allow us to present to you the winner – the Opel Rocks e-xtreme.

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Super cute, isn’t it? Designed by 26-year-old Lukas Wenzhöfer, the e-xtreme adds an exterior roll cage, a wider track (obviously), double wishbone suspension and arch extensions that do their best to cover some chunky off-road tyres. Well done that man.

Oh, and let’s not forget that rather oversized spoiler on the rear, which looks great but probably doesn’t help the Rocks-e’s 47-mile range.

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What a brilliantly fun thing this is, though. We can’t wait to see the finished product…

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